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Going Nuts Pinball

One of the many Prototype Gottlieb Pinball machines. This game was a cute kid's theme pinball game but did horrible in test and never came out. There are 5 or 6 out in collectors homes. We sent ours to France. We totally groundup restored it with new playfield and backglass.

Rat Race

Not really a pinball really more a arcade game. This Williams Prototype featured a maze that you would need to roll a ball thru 4 different playfields.

Krull Pinball

Another rare prototype Pinball Game. Again about 6 to 8 games made. The game was based on the movie.

Rare Prototype Thunderball Pinball

This rare prototype pinball from williams just did not interest anyone. This game went out on test during the video game boom. Many games never came out because of the boom.

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