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Fabulous Fantasies now offers ground up restorations on your arcade or pinball game. We can also restore or update your video game to a multi game system. We can also install a reproduction playfield mylar for a small charge or change over the entire playfield with a new one for a extra charge.

We have been doing ground up restorations since 1977 so we have years of experience of restorating just about everything. We start by stripping the game of all it's electronics and chrome. We then take the cabinet head and body and strip the paint, reglue and repair were needed and sand. We then prime the cabinet and then paint in original pattern and use either spiderweb or splatter finish the cabinet depending on the finish the original game came with.

We also put on a final clear lacquer to give that bright new finish. If the game has wood side rails we strip and finish the wood to original finish at no extra charge. While the cabinet is being done, we send out all the chrome and have it done over in a new bright finish. The chrome gives a real finish look to any restoration.

Now that the outside is finished, we now go thru the entire inner electronics. We upgrade all the coils,steppers and any electronics. We repair or replace any boards and parts. Play fields are gone thru also. We replace any broken plastics,ramps or targets with new ones along with new thumper and flipper parts.

We touch up were needed and everything is tripled check by 3 different people to make sure the game plays and looks 100 percent. On the newer electronic pinball's and video games we pretty much do the same type of work except that we use new reproduction decals instead of paint.

We can also put on new play field mylars for you, or change over the old play field to a new one. We would rebuild all the parts of the play field with new parts. We also update all electronics at the same time.

In some cases we can also restore Slot Machines, Jukeboxes and antique trade stimulator's. Call or e-mail for more information.

Labor Prices: Most Vintage Pinball And Arcade Games - $2500.00 & Up. Most Newer Electronic Pinball and Video Games - $1500.00 and Up. All other Restorations - $1500.00 and up.

Call or e-mail for more information.
Some samples of restoration are below

Evil Knevil Prototype EM Game Restoration

EK #26 of 100 Prototype Pinball
Totally redone to new.
Everything Brand new.

Evil Knevil Prototype EM Game Restoration

Here is the Head Of The Machine. Note Perfect Backglass.

Evil Knevil Prototype EM Game Restoration

How is this for the best EM version playfield out there. Totally redone playfield and plastics NOS not repro.

Gottlieb Buckaroo




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