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Galaga Upright

We carry brand new Galaga Upright Video Game Cabinets using Licenced side and front art from Two Bit Score. We also put in brand new monitors and new joysticks, buttons, wiring and
power supply. We use original Midway boards that are totally rebuild to make them 100 percent more reliable.
Each Game comes with a 60 day in home warranty.

Multicade 1 Upright Video Game

This is a great addition to the family gameroom. You can pick from 3 to 49 games on this system. It plays all the classic video games. The game is totally brand new and can be updated at any time. Game uses a joystick and 2 buttons on both sides so it does not matter if you are left or right handed.Call for games available and more information.

Multicade 1 Cocktail Table System

Like the upright you can pick from 3 to 49 video games on this system. Comes with a joystick and 2 buttons. You can pick either Cherrywood, Walnut or black color. The game is totally brand new.
Call for more information and choice of games.

Multicade 2 Upright Video Game

This system is much like the Multicade 1 System except that it uses both a joystick and a trac-ball. It plays up to 36 games and is totally brand new. Plays all the classic video games of the past. This system is available in upright only. Call for more information and list of games.

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